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What is a Floor Bloom Pillow?

Floor Bloom Pillow (flohr bloom pil-low), noun

1. a pillow specifically designed to be placed on the floor for sitting and reclining; 2. known for turning floors into comfy, cozy spots for relaxing and play; 3. usually part of a collection of other pillows that together can be used for imaginative fun

5 Reasons You'll Love Floor Bloom Pillows 

Build healthy habits

Getting up and down off the floor helps build and maintain agility, flexibility and strength.

Encourage calmness

There's a reason people meditate while sitting cross legged on the floor and not while in a chair. Sitting grounded on the floor can help calm a body down.

Perfect for fidgety kids

Kids can be kids when sitting on the floor - squirmy, energized, and constantly shifting positions. Burning off energy can make bed time easier!

Connect on their level

When you join your child on the floor to do a puzzle or play a game, you not only literally are coming down to their level but also helping them feel more connected to you.

Kids love floor time already

Whether playing games, doing puzzles or watching tv, kids naturally gravitate to being on the floor. Floor pillows just add the fun!


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