The Floor Bloom Story



Dear Floor Bloom Friends,

I have a confession. This whole floor pillow thing - it all started with a dog bed.

From the time my kids, Carter (9) and Sonora (8) were babies, they loved spending time on the floor. My husband Jeff and I often joined them on the floor to play games, do puzzles, or read books. As an expert in movement-based lifestyle, I knew that floor sitting was good for the kids - and me and Jeff.

But I wished we had some comfy pillows specifically for floor time. I got tired of telling the kids not to sit on the throw pillows (I can have some nice things, right?!). I searched and searched for a solution, but the pillows that I found either were too small, too flat, or too high off the ground. And none of them were any fun looking. The closest thing I could find was a dog bed.

When I couldn’t find the floor pillows I wanted (and sitting on a dog bed was getting some strange looks from the kids’ friends), I decided to create the pillows myself. Jeff and I came up with the perfect size, fluffiness, and fabrics for kids’ floor pillows. When deciding what shapes to make the pillows, we consulted the experts: our kids. Together Carter and Sonora helped design our first Floor Bloom collections.

Now each Floor Bloom pillow is thoroughly tested for coziness and fun by our in-house experts (and sometimes by our miniature beagle, Emma).

As a founder of Floor Bloom, everything I do is aimed at making floor pillows so awesome that kids everywhere (and maybe even their parents) will reach for their Floor Bloom floor pillows instead of the couch or a chair.

We’ve come a long way since that dog bed.  When you start your own Floor Bloom collection, know that you are not just buying a pillow but becoming a special part of the Floor Bloom story.  

From the bottom our hearts, the whole Floor Bloom team says: Thank You!